20151018 - CHAMPIONS!!!

20151018 - Up in the am and all to church. D&I went to KFC to pick up some lunch. Home and I discovered Quicken was blank :-o  Got papers together to start rebuilding it and D drive all of us to Pickerington to J's Championship soccer game.  Gma&paW down to watch J play an awesome game, he was on the ball a ton and has gotten so much better in the last year. It was a close game and they WON!!! CHAMPIONS!!!  Home and I sat at the desk to rebuild our financial files in Quicken. D&J to youth group at church.  I took a break to play a round of rummy with G. All home and little boys to bed. I got the Quicken file done and then D&I headed to the basement joined by some friends to watch The Walking Dead. It was AWESOME!!!  Up late and stayed up to finalize things for a busy week ahead.