20151011 - The DEAD are Back!

20151011 - Up in the morning and all to church.  Home and I went into the office and chained myself to the desk to get things done.  Ran D to driving school and then back to the desk.  Eventually done with desk work and helped LJ&G finish cleaning up from the party and back to some normalcy.  John stopped over for an impromptu coaches meeting, then I ran and got D and took D&J to youth group at the church.  Home and LG&I played Sorry and Trouble.  Ran to get the big boys from church and then home to settle in the basement to see the season 6 premier of The Walking Dead.  Chris, Vinnie, Pastor Ben and one of D's buddies stopped over.  The premier was FANTASTIC!!!  Ran D's friend home and dropped Chris' phone off at his place, home and to bed.