20151005 - Playing with Toys

20151005 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  In to work for a typical busy day.  L called not feeling well so I made sure to leave at exactly 5.  I headed to pick D up at baseball and in my mind-numbing drive got off 270 on the wrong exit...  Problem corrected and I got to D.  I took D's buddy Drew home and L ran J to soccer.  Hung out for a bit, I printed off some invites and G rode his bike around the neighborhood delivering them to the neighbors.  We ate and then Iran D to Scouts.  Home and hung out for a bit, then ran to get J from soccer practice.  Home and hung out some more, G playing like a little boy, he doesn't do that often...got a call about selling stuff online for a guy, L got D from Scouts.  D changed and drove Doc and I downtown to put a 3-Day Notice on a tenant's door... We stopped at Bible Bangers on the way home.  Home late exhausted, straight to bed.