20151010 - GO BUCKS!

20151010 - Up in the am and L&J headed to his soccer game.  DG&I got things ready and D ran us to get ice and final supplies.  Back to the house final preparations done and relaxing before people started showing up.  L&J home and our family and friends started coming in.  Being a home game and other local schools having Homecoming dances the turn out was lower than past years and noticeably fewer kids.   There was plenty of food, a great game and time for us to sit and talk with our guests.  A very nice relaxing and enjoyable day of sunshine and friends.

After the party we packed up and went to G's scrimmage under the lights.  D was the ump and it was freezing cold.  It was a good game and the boys won but it was FREEZING.  The boys were mad at me for not going to BWs but we had a long enough day and once home they got cleaned up, warmed up and settled in.  A great day.