20151003 + Steak Slugger

20151003 + UP in the am and J&I to his game.  I sat in the car and got organized during his warm up time and then stood and watched the whole game while talking to another dad.  J played a good game and almost got a goal.  J's team won and D walked from his friends friends to meet us at the field and then the 3 of us headed home.  Home and D&G packed and the boys and I headed to the Farm while L headed to lunch with her girlfriends.  I drove through and got us some lunch and then after we had all eaten I pulled over and let D drive the VW up to the Farm.  He did good and liked driving the car.  At the Farm GpaW gave us a tour of the work he is doing at on the Farm House, a lot of plaster work needs done and a bit of plumbing, a BIG job...  D&G stayed at the Farm to go up to the Indians game and J&I headed home.  Home and we settled in the basement to watch the Buckeyes and get some things done.  It was a scary game, they are not playing like a #1 team, but the Luckeyes, Dave from work coined that nickname, won.  After the Game L&I with our only son for the night ran out to get supplies for the party.  Everything was closed...  We did manage to get a pinata...  Bummed that our efforts weren't more productive, we stopped at Logan's so J could get a steak dinner.  D&G were sending us updates from the game, home and watched more football.