20151017 + Party & Win

20151017 + UP early and DJ&I put together some obstacles for G's party.  We made a super cool rope climbing wall and some rams out of old pallets.  J headed to his soccer game and G's friends started showing up, the American Ninja Warrior bday party was underway.  The boys did the obstacle course over and over until we pulled them off for the pinata that broke on like the 4th kids :-(  The kids sang happy bday to G and they had some cake and then they went wild in the backyard.  I headed to Pickerington to watch J's 2nd tournament game in the freezing cold.  They WON!  Home and Gma&paW brought dinner in.  We ate and then settled in for the OSU vs Penn State game.  It was an awesome game!  and an awesome day for our 9 year old.