20151016 + 9G's

20151016 + Up in the am and G opened the presents from his brothers. I dropped D off at school on the way into work, it is pajama day. Had a busy day and took a long lunch to get a hair cut and gifts for G. Home with a trash can for G as his Bday present, that is what he told me he wanted, or some robot version, I just got him a regular old trash can and he was not to happy with it, until he looked inside and found all the goodies :-) D in trouble, couldn't keep his mouth shut about the $120 tennis shoes he coerced his Gma into buying for him so he lost his phone and the right to go to the high school football game... DG&I headed to Home Depot to get some supplies to build things for G's party tomorrow and then stopped at the video store to get a movie. Home and unloaded then inside to for G's wish of Little Ceaser's pizza for his bday dinner. We settled in the basement and watched 'Tomorrow Land'.