20151004 - Relaxing Bath

20151004 - Jack up early to play the Xbox. L&I up and around getting things done. Gma&paW brought D&G home. D did a quick change and L took him to his game. Gma&paW hung out for a bit then went Dow to D's game. L said D had one of his best games ever today. JG&I got things organized and then headed out to get gas and supplies for the party next weekend. Rushed home got supplies unloaded and then headed to G's scrimmage.  G played very well and the game was close, but we lost.  Frustrated, I left and stopped at the music store to get a book and stand for J before heading home. Home and hanging out in the backyard, watching TV, chatting with the neighbors, having a couple beers, and throwing the football with G. L ran D&J to youth group at the church and G took a relaxing bath. Big boys back home, cleaned up and little boys to bed, D&I stayed up to watch Fear the Walking Dead.