20151012 + 103.5

20151012 + Up in the am and to work by myself as the boys don't have school today...  Got to work and had a long slow day and had old milk on my Cheerios :-P  Home and had some dinner with the fam, G on the couch not feeling well, J in outer-space...  D&J dressed for Scouts and D drove, I ran in to get reimbursed for the awards I had purchased.  Home and hing out with G watching a show.  Went to pick up the boys, home for a quick change and then DJ&I headed to McD's for Bible Bangers, D drove.  We had some visitors at Bible Bangers, a couple of Morman missionaries that had stopped by my house over the weekend, they stopped and I blew them off, but invited them to Bible Bangers and they showed up :-)  We grilled them for 30 minuets as they had to leave early due to their curfew...  We talked a bit more and then I had a worksheet/game we worked on.  Home and checked on G, his fever was up to 103.5 :-o