20151009 - Clown School

20151009 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  In and our boss stopped by for a visit.  He poked his head into our morning staff meeting and saw that we were all dressed as clowns...  Later we convinced him to join us and pose for a photo.  1/2 a day over and I headed home to pick up L and go to J's school where we met some of his classmates and went over an English assignment with him.  He was completely embarrassed, especially when I took more than the allowed number of suckers from the tin in the middle of the table.  Home and started preparations for the party.  G got home, then D, then J and we got the place ready in no time.  D took me to the grocery and to pick up pizzas and preparations were complete for the night.  Home for dinner and a movie.