20130713 + All-Star Tubin

20130713 + Up in the am an took the white car in for servicing. Walked home and stopped to chat with a neighbor and then another that was having a garage sale. Home got D and we headed out. First stop returning baseball equipment, then post office where I ran over D's foot with the car :-o On to McD's to get some bfast, then home to get cleats, bank deposit and finally to the ball field for D's All-Star activities. The organizers had no water or food planned for the boys, so I ran home filled up our big cooler, grabbed the shade tent and some tables. GpaW showed up and helped set up the area at the field and then I ran to get subs at Subway for the boys. It was a lot of running but worked out great. Finally it a chance to sit down and watch the All-Star game.

L was sending me updates and pictures of the fun they were having on the pontoon boat they were on w/ Gma&paB. LJ&G were fishing and tubin all day, they had a blast.

The game was a lot of fun, boys griffin off and having a great time. When th game was over at 4 GpaW carried me to get the white car and then he an D went to the neighbors garage sale while I unpacked the car. Then GpaW D&I went to a Chinese buffet and ate a ton. GpaW headed home and D&I hit Best Buy and Blockbuster on the way home. We sat in front of the TV catching up on the Fast & Furious movies until LJ&G got home and told us all about their adventures. What a beautiful FUN day!!!