20130726 - Long Drive, Many Sites

20130726 - Up in the am and heading out of town, but one last stop, at the worlds largest bronze statue of Neptune!

We hit McD's on the way to Mt. Trashmore. Not quite as scenic as Mt. Rushmore.  It is actually a converted land fill into a park

After lunch we were on the road for a bit in horrible traffic and made it to the Air Power Park in Hampton VA.  It was a really cool park with tons of airplanes and rockets.

Back on the road for a bit longer this time and we took a break at a tiny church in Doswell VA.  Someone was working on it inside, so it was a bit of a mess, but still cool these are around the country.  We had our lunch outside in the beautiful day at Burger King and then mounted up for an even longer leg of the journey.

While L was getting the boys situated in the car I checked out the Roadside America attractions that were close and found one I couldn't resist: Dinosaur Land in White Post VA.  This is a nice little park with the typical fiberglass dinosaurs, sharks, snakes and King Kong.  I was sad to see my family get eaten by a shark on this vacation ;-)

Just a littlw ways down the road we came to 2 more irresistible wonders of the natural world! 2 of the worlds largest apples in Winchester VA.

Done with all of the close sites we put the hammer down and raced towards home.  As the miles flew by L tried to capture all of the state signs.  See if you can find them VA, MD, PA (she is not a very good fast capture photographer...)

Now into PA we were hunting the world's largest sundae shop that is actually shaped like a sundae. We happened across the world's largest quarter (sorry no picture) and Kelly's Senic overlook restaurant, where we got some good home cooking. Down the road just a mile or so and there it was the sundae shaped ice cream stand in Everett PA. 

After our bellies were good and full we focused on getting to Gma&paB's.  As you can see L was having a hard time focusing...

We arrived at 12:30 am. A long day in the car, but many memories made on this road.