20130727 - 1322

20130727 - Up in the am and hanging out at Gma&paB's. we checked out GpaB's new canoe and relaxed a bit before heading home.  Our final leg of our vacation was quiet, everyone exhausted.  When we got home we checked the speedometer and had traveled 1,322 miles on our trip.
Home and D helped me get the house back up and running and then we unpacked and unpacked. Then D started putting together his camping supplies. Once he got a list of things he needed we headed to the store. We got his supplies and then got some food and movies on the way home. We ate dinner and watched 'The Hobbit'. The boys wanted to watch another movie, but it was 10 already. Being the last night of vacation I said they could stay up, but D had to finish packing first. It took D an hour to pack and then we started watching another movie. G then J fell asleep quickly once they stopped moving. D was tired too, so we turned the movie off and all to bed.