20130722 - Right Up Here

20130722 - Everyone up, a little bfast and to the metro platform. We got there a little after 9:30 so we missed the morning rush. Our first stop was to take care of our biggest boy's desire to find a Washington Nationals hat. We took him right to the source, their home field team store. We looked at all wall of cool overpriced flat billed hats until we found a fitted one that actually fit (with the bill curved, as all baseball hats should be...).

Heading the 2 blocks back to the train G's legs gave out... "Come on G, the metro is right up here..." Back on the train and we got as close as we could for the hike to the second stop, the Lincoln Memorial.

As we walked up the many marble steps G had to stop and sit... "Come on G, Abraham Lincoln, your favorite president is right up here..." It is so BIG and cool. From J's mind "This is so big, Just think how big the Transformers really are!"

The boys and I rested at the top and admired the view while we waited for L to find a bathroom.

On to the Vietnam memorial.  This one is amazing with the sea of names.  It is mind blowing... J read name after name as LD&G (D carrying G on his back) searched for shade in the blazing breezeless day.

We found a stand and had a frozen treat where 2 extraordinary events took place: 1 we saw a wild fox run by, 2 we met some folks from Ashland OH that knew GpaW :-o

Down the path along the mirror pool going from shade spot to shade spot and now both G&J had lost all working function of there lower limbs... "Come on boys, the WWII monument is right up here..." Once we got the they had to find Ohio :-)

The next stop was the museum of American History. The only problem was how to get there: a 4 block detour to try and stay in the shade, or a scorching hot straight line past the Washington Monument... With leg function fading fast, L now in the list of limpers, the shortest distance was the only option... G tried to stay in our shadows, and J collapsed a couple of times but caught up for fear of being eaten by the fox, we made it to the monument. We snapped a couple of photos, saw the sights and headed towards the museum.

With the museum in sight the heard collapsed in the first shade they found... "Come on guys, the museum is right up here..." With the promise of food and air conditioning D got G on his back, I got J by the hand and we pushed L across the street into the cool. We sat and ate and rejuvenated ourselves.

The boys and I even took a ride in a race car in a simulator.

In to the gift shops first... Then 3 floors of incredibly cool stuff, including waiting in a long slow moving line and Dorothy's ruby slippers. 

Time to hit the heat and we headed to the White House. We got as close as we could and snapped some photos.

Now the final leg to the metro. Could we make it? D now hurting badly and L with a severe limp. We got to one corner and G just collapsed next to a homeless lady begging us to leave him there. "Come on G, the metro is right up here..." 76,231 more blocks and we made it to the Metro. Seated comfortably, J somehow stood at each stop and start to 'Subway Surf'. Our destination in sight we made it back to the room for a rest, just beating rush hour.
L read her new Golden Book, 'Nancy the Nurse' to the boys and J tried out his new calligraphy set (to rewrite the Constitution...), D admired himself in his hat and G put on his swimming suite.

Out to the pool to drain the very last ounces of energy...

We walked a couple blocks for dinner, no chili dog tonight :-( Back to the room we watched WWE wrestling and added our own sound track for some good laughs. No arguments about bed time tonight = a good day.