20130725 - Chilly Fun

20130725 - Up in the am and all down to a different beach this morning. We must have had some serious storms last night as the beach had about a 2 foot ledge on it. Despite the chilly wind and water the boys found a way to make a game of it.
L made a dragon and D dug himself into a hole...  
We hit the pool on the way in to change and go to the boardwalk to do some shopping.  We walked down to the pier and then found a good spot to eat. The bfast we had for lunch at Doc Thompson's was fantastic and the boys ate and ate. 
We walked back Atlantic Ave to the hotel and stopped at every shop along the way to see all the stuff they had inside...  Back to the hotel and down to the pool for a good long swim. Then across the street to Planet Pizza for a great dinner. 
Back to the hotel and out back to the beach for the boys to play with their new light up whirlybird thingys. They shot them to the sky an they floated down over and over.
Up late watching some TV with D as everyone else is worn out.