20130721 - Washington Marathon

20130721 - All up and down for bfast. Out for a quick lesson on how to use the Metro and we were ready to roll. The boys were thrilled to ride a subway for the first time!

First stop Arlington Cemetery. We walked to the Tomb of the Unknown Solder just as it started.

The boys thought it was pretty cool. We found a place in the shade and watched it a second time, but closer so the boys could watch the gun inspection ceremony.

A quick walk to the Eternal Flame of JGK with a spectacular view of the Lincoln Memorial.

We walked back to the Metro and on to the Air and Space Smithsonian where all got to touch a rock from the moon and see a bunch of other cool stuff. We had lunch there and then headed across the mall to the National Archives.

There we got to see the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Back out in the heat and the boys put their feet in a big fountain to cool off.
Next was the Museum of Natural History. So cool, so many things to see on all 3 floors. J&I had to make a special trip through the bug area and G had to see the animals :-)

Back on the subway to look for a hat for D... Couldn't find it in the old Post Office building, but it had a cool ceiling.

Finally headed home where walked past the hotel and to the same restaurant we ate in last night.

More chili dog for me!!! A quick dip in the pool, done hot chocolate and a couple good shows on TV and we are all soar and wiped out from a big day.