20130723 + Alice in Winger Land

20130723 + All up, fed, loaded and down the road to meet my great aunt Alice. We invaded her wonderful house, got a tour and talked about all the sites we had seen in DC. She gave us some pointers on the road to VA Beach and poured goodies on us, a true Heydinger!
Back on the road and past the 2nd Washington monument in Alexandria.
Down the road in bad traffic and I found another museum! G, not so happy...
Until he got inside and realized it was the United States Marine Corps Museum: full of airplanes, tanks, gun and awesome displays. The boys were enthralled and spent more time looking and walking and enjoying than any of the previous days.
(Actual flag flown over Iwo Jima)

The best museum yet! We ate there and then fought traffic for the next several hours to arrive at the Atlantic!

We got settled in, found a place to eat, picked up some beach stuff and then hit the the beach in the full moon.
We are excited to have a full day of sun and surf tomorrow :-)