20130704 - 4th x 3

20130704 - Up and out with the J&G. We went to pick D up at his friends and then found a spot along the parade route. The Towlers and Clays sat with us and we watched our small town parade pass by and yelled to all our friends and Scouts as they marched by.

We headed home, picked up L and went to Delaware St Park to meet up with the Kraft side of the family. We played keep away did some chatting, fishing and eating.

They gathered all the kids to take a picture: Front


We stayed until it rained buckets. J went home with Gma&paB and the rest of us headed home for some TV time. We had some dinner and then headed to New Albany to watch some fireworks.

We stopped for frosties on the way home and Kroger to get L mint chocolate chip ice cream.