20130724 - Day at the Beach

20130724 - J up way to early and L got up and went down to eat bfast. They stopped back to wake DG&I and headed to the beach. DG&I got up and headed down to join them. They had a nice camp set up for us and into the water we went.
The water was a bit chilly but once in it balanced by the sun it was great. This beach is a bit steeper than the last few we have been to and has a row of sharp shell fragments to cross to get to the good waves. We played and built castles, caught some jelly fish, dug sand chairs and did some wave surfing. DJ&I took a walk across the road to get some subs for lunch. We had a nice picnic on the beach and than back at to the waves. The tide was going out so D&I threw the football about 100 yards from shore in waist deep water. I drug J&G out kicking and screaming timed perfectly with the jet fighters flying over so not to draw attention from the crowd ;-)
After the beach we hit the pool to de-sand and then up to the room to change for dinner. Apparently L found me asleep in the chair on the balcony, sitting up, head back... Ready for dinner we hit Captain George's: D tried (and liked) crab legs, J ate himself into a food coma and G was the official cracker.

After we consumed our weight in crab legs we headed out for some fun. The boys and I hit the track at a go-kart place and had a blast. Then we played 36 holes of putt-putt. This is G's favorite, but a very stressful and competitive family event. We made it through it... And lucky for us we just happened upon the worlds largest gorilla on the way back to the hotel.

Up late watching TV with the boys.