20130707 - G the Mechanic

20130707 - Up and all to Church.  Then we drove around alpaca farms and some garage sales.  Home and ate, D mowed and moved stump grindings.  G&I cut down little tree up front, and then worked on the white car seats.  DG&I took the car to get washed and new wiper blades.  Then D stayed home to play his game and G&I attempted to try riding a bike again...  no luck...  After much time spent on not trying to ride the bike we only had 15 min to swim; we did swim and had a great 15 min.  Home for dinner and then all to Rich & Nicole's to get their old slide.  We stopped for slushies at Sonic on the way home.  Home and G to bed, L watching a movie and D&I watched Falling Skies.