20220226 - Up in the am and 

L&I headed out. Stopped by eye dr to pick up glasses, too busy so bailed and will go back later

We then went to JoAnn Fabric so L could get some quilting supplies, I stayed in car and called Sallie Mae about D's overdue student loan and saw a guy pee in the parking lot smh...

We then headed across town to Dublin to look at a car and take it on a test drive. It was a 2016 Mercedes E300. No backup camera so no go for me... Was not as impressed with it as I was the 2017 E300 I drove last year. L not impressed at all.

Home and Hazel and I headed out, to the post office, swung by and got my glasses and then to dog park where she found a little buddy to run and play with. It was cold enough I thought the ground might be frozen... WRONG! It was a MUD PIT and before I could get out of there Hazel was black.

Home and rigged up a hand shower thing and L&I gave Hazel a bath.

I got on the PC and looked for parts to modify the bath tub to make the next dog bath easier and got a call from GmaW. Gma&paW stopped by they were at the Home & Garden show down here.

LG&I went to dinner at Bellacino's with Gma&paW
GpaW drove... makes me pretty nervous.