20220216 - Muddy Mut

20220216 - Up late and LJ&G at school. I got around and got the day rolling. I’ve been having issues with the internet the last few weeks cutting out everyday around 11:25. It usually lasts about 30 seconds and then I’m good to do the rest of the day. Well today it cut out and I was on the phone with WOW and trying various different things for over an hour. Finally it just all started working again… back to the desk getting things done. L home and took Hazel on a walk. I got more done and took Hazel on a short walk. L ran G to baseball practice and then over to help Tiff with a project, and J went to JGF6’s for dinner, even though she was supposed to come here tonight… whatever. Hazel and I headed out to the backyard to throw the ball. It is 55* today so not freezing. However, not freezing = MUD, and Hazel was COVERED in mud! I carried her in to the bathroom and gave her a bath. Out to the living room getting caught up on some things with the Olympics on in the background. Talked to Marko our neighbor buddy from when we lived in Wilmington NC tonight. Good to catch up.