20220208 - LIVE Pitches

20220208 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I did email in the living room until my first call and then chained myself to the desk for a while. I made a mistake this morning… I heated up my water and for my coffee and oatmeal, but we were out of decaf coffee… I don’t think much of it and just used regular coffee.  We’ll combine regular coffee (an 8oz coffee has 4x the caffeine of a 12 oz Coke) plus the stress of the day threw my heart off rhythm a couple beats and freaked me out… I got to a stopping point and took a short walk with Hazel before my next call. Finished up that call and headed back to the living room to finish off the day relaxing and watching some training videos. L home and in the phone worried about one of her coworkers health and I threw the ball to Hazel a bit. J&G home, J left and then L warmed up some dinner for us. L&I hung out watching the Olympics, she cutting colorful piece of paper for tomorrow lesson and I worked on the PC. G&I headed out to his hitting lesson. There were some older boys, seniors, that knew G there, a pitcher and a catcher and they asked him if he wanted to try and hit. G accepted the challenge and saw live pitching for the first time this year. He did pretty darn good hanging with to boys that were 3-4yrs older and quite a bit bigger than him. He hit well and they acknowledged that and thanked him for working out with them. Home and watched so Olympics before heading to bed.