20220220 - Concerts

20220220 - Up in the am and I ran G down to baseball practice and made him try on a helmet. L headed to Gma&paB's with Nicole for a day of concerts. Home and worked on a couple of reports. Hazel and I ran to pick G up and then on to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. We chatted with Gary a bit and then Ed showed up. We chatted with Ed and then followed him back to his place in Westerville to get some stuff we won from him a while a go. We got our stuff and headed home. G&I got some lunch, I tried to get J up. G headed upstairs and I headed in to the office and got a couple of things done. Hazel and I took a big walk. Back to the desk and doing some Booster stuff. J up and G&J headed out to get us gyros for dinner. We ate and watched some of the closing Olympics stuff. J headed JGF6 and G played with Hazel a bit. L home and cleaning everything. Watched some more Olympics and then the Walking dead.