20220213 + Walk and Bet

20220213 + Up in the am and G’s baseball has been cancelled this am. I do a couple things around the house and it is a pretty lazy day. In the late afternoon G got picked up by a buddy and headed to his basketball game. L&I got ourselves together and headed downtown to meet the Pettits and take the Valentine’s Chocolate & Cocktails walk around to various Creekside businesses. There were about 8 places on the list and we went from place to place having some tasty treats and drinks and good conversation. It was a nice afternoon. Home and G was there with Gma&paW, they had come down to watch his game. We visited for a bit and then they took off and L started cooking some Super Bowl treats while Hazel and I took G out to Andrews to watch the game. Home and L&I had our snacks and watched the game. Got a text from Terrill that G won $160 in a bet they had at the party… The Game was ok, halftime show too strange for me and the commercials aren’t as good as they used to be. The Bengals lost so that was a bummer. I headed out and picked G up. Home and shut down for the night, ready for a busy week.