20220225 - Up in the am and LJ& not feeling great G at school. I got around and did some email in the living room, moving in to the office eventually. The day went fast, L&J home and then L ran to get G. G found out today when he got to school that yesterday was the last day of tryouts so he only got to go to one day of tryouts. He found one of the coaches at school and asked him what h should do? The coach told him to show up at D-bat tonight so they could evaluate his hitting. G home only for a little bit and I ran him out to D-bat, he didn't seem nervous... I dropped him of and then ran through the bank on the way home to get some cash, and then the drive thru. Home ad finished a couple important things up and right back out to get G. He came out joking around with some of his buddies and said he made the team. He said they made him hit and then he had to talk to all of the coaches at once! Shade, the head coach, asked him if he thought he had done enough to make the team? G said yes and they handed him his invitation to play high school baseball. I made him read me the letter on the way home. Home and G went in and told him mom all about the tryout. SO PROUD OF HIM! L&I headed to Nazareth for a gyros and chatted a bit, trying to plan the weekend. Home and watched the GLHS boys basketball tournament game.