20220209 - Bucket 2

20220209 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got my day rolling. D stopped and got the insurance and HSA cards and headed to the eye Dr. J left shortly after. D&J back. D’s eyes got worse and needs new contacts. J’s eyes are perfect. L ran me to the eye Dr. So I could get checked out and then went to pick G up from school. My exam went fine and my eyes haven’t changed in the last year. But I am getting some computer glasses! Out of my exam and L&G there waiting their turn. The hair cut place didn’t have a wait so I ran down and got a quick trim. Back to the eye Dr. And I’m to the exam room with G and asking the Dr. if G’s eyes are the reason he can’t hit a baseball ;-) G’s eyes are perfect. L’s eyes are ok, she just needs readers for up close stuff. Everyone home and L ran G to baseball. L made dinner and J and JGF6 joined us. It was a nice dinner and then J and JGF6 went out and hung a sap bucket before vanishing the rest of the night. L went tot pick G up and I took the white car to get gas. I then met them at TUFFY where we left the silver car to get serviced tomorrow. Home and watched some Olympics until late.