20180426 - NO HR 4 U!

20180426 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a customer in today so helped him get set up and then had the weekly calls and a good team meeting after the call. Finished up the day getting actions done and checking on things. Headed to Pickerington for G's game, D had a game, he got to pinch run... G's team had a pretty good game, everyone was hitting. G had a hit right back at the pitcher that resulted in an RBI and somehow G made it all the way around the  bases and back to home. G was like 'I got an in the park homerun!' I was like 'You got a single with an advance on a throw and 2 errors!' HAHAHA! poor kid. It was a good game, G came in as the closer and won the game 12-9.

G&I stopped at Steak n' Shake on the way home for dinner and tweeted his success. Home and checked in with everyone and to bed. Worked on publishing the new Gahanna Lions Stadium Blankets we got made.