20180421 + Mulch Pitch & Question

20180421 + Up in the am and D off to a three-way baseball day. J&G got to stay home and help L&I get some yard work done, they were so excited. G had a buddy come over and they pretty much disappeared. J worked like a trooper and we got the front of the house done, around the porch and grape arbor done. WOW, never expected to get that much done. We then took a break and J headed to the basement and LG Theo and I headed to D's game. 

We got there just as his 2nd game of the day started. I got a report that he played 1 inning in the OF and had an at bat where he got walked... The current game was not pretty, they were getting beat bad and then someone pointed out D was in the bullpen warming up :-o Yes they were short of pitchers so D went in to pitch. He only knows how to throw a fastball and threw a couple good ones, got some strikes, only walked 1 kid and got 6 outs for the Lions, not bad for a non-pitcher... The temperature dropped like a rock so once D was out of the game we headed home to get a couple more things done.

J&I ran to 5 Guys to get $ome hamburger$ for dinner. D got home as we were getting home and we sat and chatted about the day and his pitching a bit. D headed out a bit early to school to meet DGF7 as she got home from their softball tournament and surprised her and asked her to Prom.  They came back to the house and D was all goofy excited... sore from working in the yard all day and to bed.