20180404 - 2nd Bday

20180404 - Up in the am and in to work. Sherry was onsite today and we took a tour and worked on things together all day. Justin joined us for lunch at the casino buffet that made us all latte for a call. Back to the office and finished out the day, staying a bit late cleaning up some last minute things. L had a guy come out and look at our windows to replace some of the glass that has torn film in them.  After work I headed to Rusty Bucket to meet LDJ&G, Gma&paW and DGF7 for dinner. It was a nice dinner and good to catch up. After dinner we headed home and G went with GpaW to get ice cream. All home, Gma&paW came in to watch L open her bday gifts they got her and then headed out. Hung out watching some TV and working on a flyer for Boosters.