20180411 + Headed to Wilmington!

Image result for wilmington college logo20180411 + Up in the am and in to work. Got a couple of things done and the network and email is dragging and there are people all over the office again with nowhere to go to take a call so I headed home. I passed D on the corner as he was waiting to cross the street for school on the way. Home and got things set up and rolling. G home and started his homework, L home and one of her toenails fell off :-o I finished my day and headed to D's baseball game, he did not play... Gma&paW met us at the field. I checked in with the Booster guys and then headed to the Landscape Board meeting. Meeting was good and headed home after. Gma&paW and G swung by Panda Express on the way home and picked up some dinner. L ran to get J from track. D&DGF7 showed up after DGF7 received he National Honor Society award and we all got something to eat. After dinner and folks headed out D&I headed to Starbucks to discuss college. Looks like we are going to give Wilmington a shot! Home and to bed.