20180402 - He Loves this Game

20180402 - Up in the am and last day off. Got a roster from the baseball coaches to put on the site and they had him listed as junior... I ran to the high school for a meeting, but the meeting is tomorrow... Home and got a couple more things done and then had lunch with Courtland to catch up. Home and getting more things done, J had track and then soccer practices tonight, G's baseball game was cancelled due to rain and L&G came out to D's baseball game. D was a pinch runner, stole a couple of bases and then scored the 1st run for his team for the season with an amazing slide out to the side of the plate. Everyone went nuts!!! Home after the game and G&I went to Scouts where I got some advancements and website work done. Home for a min then Doc and I to Bible Bangers.