20180416 - G's Neckerchief

20180416 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an interesting meeting in the morning and plowed through the rest of the day. Home through blowing SNOW! Got home and L had cooked us dinner and we all were there and sat down and ate together. G waas home from school again today with a fever and L got J out of school early and took G&J to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned and di$cu$$ brace$... D had a short practice outside today and they all decided to stop practicing when they couldn't see the ball they were throwing from the snow. After dinner D worked on scholarships and then dropped J&G off at Scouts while I headed to a Booster meeting and left L at home. Booster meeting went well and I stayed after to help some folks get set up on the Team App. I then ran to Scouts to pick up J&G and walked in just in time to see J giving G his neckerchief. G looks so big in his Scout uniform. Home and dropped off the boys and picked up Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a nice night. Home and watched some Lost in Space on Netflix while I did some Booster IT stuff.