20180419 - 1st Frozen Place

20180419 - Up in the am and in to the office. Lined stuff up and knocked it out today. I even got to spend some time on the floor doing some hands on work, which I like...  D's game was cancelled today and he had practice and then went to DGF7's for dinner. Home and got things together and headed back to G's game. L went to J's track meet and watched J's 1st race and then came to G's game. I scored the game tonight and played music for the first time this year and it all worked good.  G had an ok game, a little rusty, but being the first warm game of the year we have to work the kinks out. He played short and had 3 errors in the field, but got his first hit of the season which you could see boosted him. G's game waas short as the boys overall played well and won easily to a team that had beaten the crap out of 2 other teams so far this year. After G's game LG&I headed to J's track meet and met up with Gma&paW. It was VERY COLD. We all watched J run his second race and then Gma&paW headed home. LG&I stayed for the last event J runs in to watch. J ran like crazy and did his job in the relay and they came in 3rd, but they boys won the overall meet!  After the meet LJG&I hit DQ for dinner.  Home and caught up with D and settled in for the night. up late doing Booster stuff.