20160818 - Junior Year!

20160818 - Up in the am and saw D off to school, first day of his Junior year :-o  Big boy drove himself to school for the first day.  Off to work and meetings and org charts day.  Got a lot done, headed home a bit late.  Home and ate with the fam. D&I went out to fix the mower and found the blade was severely bent :-o  G&I headed out for some Pokemon hunting and stopped by his old baseball team's practice to drop off a phone case.  We then headed to Home Depot to get a new mower blade.  Home and D&I replaced the mower blade and got the mower running, but it was then to dark to see where he was mowing.  D&G went out to hit some balls and I hung out and drunk a beer.  All in and watched some of the Olympics while I got Pittsburgh Pirates tickets for D&I for next Wednesday before heading to bed.