20160822 + Ready to Go

20160822 + UP in the am dragging and into work.  A pretty busy and productive day.  Home and had dinner with LJ&G, D was umping a game and then went to DGF7's.  LG&I dropped J of at Scouts and I checked in with the guys on advancements.  LG&I then headed to the High School to walk around and meet D's teachers, they all love him...  We ran into a ton of parents we knew and both commented that it is strange that we always run into the same people at these events.  Home and dropped off L&G, J got himself a ride home.  I got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers.  Home after Bible Bangers and L&I gave D his card with the tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates game Wednesday and told him to let his teachers know he wont be in school Wednesday :-)