20160806 - Scout Pickup and Family Fun

20160806 - Up and on the road to get D&J from Scout Camp. It was a fast ride over and once there I hiked back for the closing ceremonies. I had quite a few of the adult leaders come up to me and tell me D really stepped up this week as a leader and made the week go very smooth :-) I got my boys in the car and we headed out towards the restaurant we all drop at on the way back. The boys talked and talked for the hour it took us to get there, telling me all about the funny things that happened (D and some of the older boys had a skit mocking the adults that was the 'pinnacle' of the week), and all about the kids that didn't do so good... It was great to talk to them and hear all the stories. We got there and made sure the tables were ready and then directed the troop as they came in. The boys ate a ton at the buffet and we were the first to head out as we needed to get to the reunion. Once in the car I gave them their phones and the new rules that come with them... With their phones in hand it was a quieter ride to the farm.

Back to the Farm, everyone cleaned up and G&I went swimming with the cousins from Germany. We got changed and headed up for the dinner and entertainment. It was a fun night with lots of stories and good times. It was good for the boys to be around multiple generations and a nice event.