20160802 - G's Dad & Me Day

20160802 - I was only back to work for 1 day before taking this day off for one of the three most important days of the year = G's Dad & Me Day. We got up and headed out. First stop McD's then the putt-putt was on. We hit: Westerville Mini Golf 36, Magic Mountain Fun Center Polaris 71, a stop at the car wash where G always puts his windows down :-) Olentangy Mini Golf 36, break for lunch at Waffle House, Ables Golf on Avery 18, Putt N Play Grove City18 By this time we had gone 3/4s of the way counter clockwise around 270. We had to take a break to go to G's new baseball team party where L joined us and we got to meet all the other players and parents. They had a mini practice and in that short practice G learned more than he has the last 2 years. This Coach is amazing! After the party LG&I hit one more golf course, Magic Mountain Fun Center Reynoldsburg and L kept score for 36 more holes. We headed home exhausted, but easily broke our record of 99 hole the previous year with a total of 179 holes on 10 different courses in 6 Locations. Not to mention the 13 hole in ones (G got 8)!

What a fantastic day with my littlest man, getting so big so fast! I love you Grant!