20160812 - Day 1 J's Dad & Me Day

20160812 - Up in the am and Jack and I headed south through an obscure route towards WV.  We took this route to maximize our Pokemon hunting, World's Largest finds, and so we would pass through Point Pleasant to learn about the Mothman Prophecies.  We toured the Monthman museum and walked along the river front to see where the actual bridge that collapsed was.  J was all into it and wants to watch the movie when we get home.  On through the hills of WV stopping at various World's Largest hot spots along the way.  We got stopped for hours in Charleston in traffic, but finally worked our way around it until we arrived at ACE Adventures, deep in the woods.  We got checked in and I paid an addition couple hundred of $s to make sure we had a video guy on the trip tomorrow...  We got set up in our tent cabin, changed and then hit the water park.  It is sort of a Wipe Out course with tons of things to climb on, a zip line and a huge pillow thing that one person sits on the end and the other jumps off a platform launching the one sitting.  Jack was sitting, I jumped and J was LAUNCHED about 40 feet into the air.  The dude said it was the highest one he had seen today.  J &I swam around and tried everything out.  It was a hoot!  Out of the water and we got some dinner in the bar and then hunkered down for the night.