20160809 - Hidden Fees

20160809 - UP in the am and in to work.  The owners and executive team hear again today.  Dave and I cornered Mike and made some progress on some initiatives we have and Mike approved some raises :-)  Many meeting and much progress and the day ended with informing people of their increases.  Today was a good day!  Home and had dinner with LJG and J's buddy Conor who came over to play after their cross country practice.  Apparently J is now on the Cross Country team that was a surprise $150 pay to play fee while registering him for school...  I headed out to the Scout Board of Review, there was anotther Board Member there with his son to attend, and we found out it was cancelled...  Not handy, but I got some of those Pokethings while waiting around.  Stopped to get gas on the way home.  Home and the Mallons were there picking up Conor and Mr. Pettit stopped by for a chat.  Nice to catch up with friends, feel like the summer has been moving at light speed.  LJG&I settled in and watched Mike Phelps win another 23,412 gold medals while we evolved and upgraded our Pokemon.  J&G to bed and L&I sorted things to post on ebay.  D home and we chatted a bit before we all headed to bed.  Up late watching videos on the phone.