20160828 - Back to Bases

20160828 - Up late, L&J out early to pick J up from his overnight bday party then get his soccer pictures taken, D to his baseball game, L home, dropped of J and then took Lena out for her bday, JG&I picked up DGF7 and headed to D's baseball game. It was HOT, but good to see D playing again. We had taken a cooler of stuff for lunch and had a picnic in the stands, L showed up for game 2 and witnessed the longest inning in the history of baseball. JG&I headed out, swung by home and dropped a tired J off and G&I on to G's 1st scrimmage with his new team. He got his hat and practice jersey, very cute. They did ok against a travel team a year older. Super HOT and no shade, L showed up to watch the scrimmage too. It was called due to lightening halfway through G's 2nd at-bat and he was a bit disappointed. Home and JG&I headed to Creekside to do some Pokemon hunting before swinging by the Chinese place to pick up dinner. home and ate while we watched a cute show. D home and everyone settled and to bed. Up late looking at auctions.