20160817 + Day at the Clippers

20160817 + Up in the am and day 1 of school for J&G.  We got the boys up and got them ready for school, pictures by the mailbox and off they went.  D doesn't start until to morrow so L and him had a nice day at home and lunch together.  I got some things done at work and then Dave and I took 4 employees to a Clippers game for a day of fun.  After the game we headed back to work and I stayed to get some past due things done.  Home and L&J at his cross country and soccer practices, D out bowling and put-putting with DGF7 and G&I got some food and when L&J got home and cleaned up we headed to the McClain's to hang out.  Good time at the McClain's, home and boys to bed, D home, shipping things and getting ready for his first day of school.