20160403 - How to Climb in a Barn

20160403 - Up late in the am and got a couple things done at the desk. Then we all piled on D's car and headed up to the Farm. We had a nice lunch with Gma&paW and then headed out to get some things done. D&J got the wood-house straightened out, LG and GmaW cleaned up the yards and GpaW and I fixed an electrical issue in the Farmhouse. We all headed out to the barn and covered some holes in the floor and put 'CAUTION' tape up. J climbed way up and cleaned up some wires. We loaded up and headed south to get G to baseball practice. D went to practice with G&I, he likes being around the little kids. It was a good chilly practice. We stopped by John's to pick up keys for Tuesday's game. Home and J&I gave Lilly a bath. We got Lilly all cleaned up and then got some dinner. D off to youth group and J got G&I some ice cream. Little boys to bed and the guys showed up to watch the disturbing season finally of the Walking Dead.