20160409 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20160409 - L woke up to find a clock in the hall, G was the 1st boy up and ready to go, he headed out with GmaW. J up and explained the clock was ticking too loud so he had to put it in the hall... D&I up and all out to a beautiful crisp snow covered Farm morning. We all headed out and met up with the frozen scouts that were busy making breakfast. D, directing the scouts and I helped GpaW get things ready and things look really good. Roger and Dale had the sap rolling in the old cast iron kettle and the steam melting the falling snow. 

Soon relatives and friends from near and far filled the yard, barn and house. Tours were given, maple syrup making lessons and stories of days gone flowed by while introductions and new connections were made. The Boy Scouts started their side dishes and lunch was prepared on the grill and inside. 

Soon the food was read and with the snow nearly everyone went inside to eat. I walked around and took pictures and thought how happy Great GmaW would be to see her house so full of wonderful people. We had 95 people here, 27 from Troop 98 that spent then night in the barn and tents on the South yard. 

After lunch the sap had boiled down to the right temperature to officially be Maple Syrup. We pour it off and filled the jars of the golden brown glorious goodness, we think it's the best we've ever made!

Things started wrapping up and the Scouts headed off on a hike up through the camp and to the falls peppered with continuous snowball fights. Cold and wet the hikers returned to the Farmhouse to warm up, eat some leftovers for dinner, play games and hangout.

We look forward to this day to start our Spring off with family and friends each year and this year despite the snow was no exception. We are ready for spring with our maple syrup reserves and hearts full ready for the warm weather and crazy busy schedules to kick in. 

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know you're home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play. 
Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day. 
See you next year!