20160411 - Come Back

20160411 - Up in the am and to Waffle House for a 'Directos Meeting'. I LOVE meetings at Waffle House, steak & eggs! Then in to the office for a day of email and catchup. Home for a yummy 'Shake & Bake' pork chop dinner. Then DJ&I headed tonScouts where I got a ton done. Home and talked to L, a teacher friend of hers stopped by to chat tonight, I made a couple calls and then got Doc for Bible Bangers. We had a great conversation about 2nd baptisms (they arn't necessary). As we we're talking a man walked up to our table and said 'Do you remember me?', my great memory didn't allow me to answer, but a couple of the others did. He continued 'Back in December I was in here and heard you talking. I stopped by and asked you to pray for my mother Mary that was having an operation the next day. I wanted to stop by and let you know that the surgery was successful. She got out of the hopital right before Easter and is doing well, she can't walk yet, but she is getting better every day. Thank you for praying for her. The power of prayer works." We thanked him for letting us know and welcomed him to come back to the 'Church of the Golden Arches' anytime. He thanked us again turned and left. How awesome is that?!