20160420 - Lunch @ Lilly's w/ Lori

20160420 - Up in am and into work. Got some things done around the office and then L showed up for our insurance biometric screening. I gave her a tour of the plant, we got our blood drawn, blood pressure taken and other checks done. We then headed to downtown Grove City for a nice lunch at LIlly's Diner. 

Back to work for a bit and then left early to head to Lancaster to Watch D at his baseball game. John & Betty stopped by to see the game and D was not playing so we had a nice chat. D's team was losing by 1 and there were 2 outs in the top of the 7th. A guy got on base and then coach put D in as a pinch runner... :-o The first pitch D took off like lightening and stole 2nd, just beating the ball with the slide and popping up right on top of the base 'SAFE'! Ready to run with 2 outs, and a crack of the bat, D was already in motion rounding 3rd and flying towards home with the ball on its way... He slide under the catcher, across home, popping up jumping in the air pumping his arms coming down in a sea of his players yelling and screaming as he just tied up the game!!! Bottom of the 7th and the Lancaster team got a run and a walk off win :-( D's coach was pretty upset and made the boys run, he hasn't lost a game until now for the last 2 years... Drove home, saw the little boys for a minute. Up on the PC and watching the 4400.