20160421 + Kick Diner, PIs

20160421 + Up in the am and into work. Long day crunching numbers... Headed to Pickerington to see J's soccer game with L&G, D at a baseball game in Olentangy, he got to play second today. J's played a lot in the 1st half and a bit in the second half, but they lost. After the game we headed to the Nutcracker Diner for a fantastic meal with 2 grumpy tired boys. Headed home and D was on the way to his girlfriend's and he popped up on the 'Find Friends' app right in front of J&I on the way home so we followed him. We tracked him down at a Wendy's were we got to meet his new girlfriend (DGF5). Home and got the boys to bed. Up late working on the PC and watching 4400.