20160402 - Fur, Wind, Rain & Snow

20160402 - L up early to go get D from his vacation. D home and got ready for his double header, told us a little about his vacation and then left for the games.  Up and to the desk to get some things done. LJG&I to Lowe's to get some subway tiles for a backsplash and schedule an appointment for countertop measurements... Home for some lunch and to finish things up in the office. L started shaving Lilly and then LG&I headed to D's second super windy, rainy and cold game. Home L trimmed Lilly some more, D&I got caught up on stuff and then LJG&I headed over to the McClains through the SNOW for a relaxing evening. It was a lot of fun and good to relax. We followed Tom home because his brake lights are not working. Home and D was dead asleep on the couch in the basement with food from Wendy's still in the bag. Poor boy was exhausted.