20160425 - Getting Things Done

20160425 - Up in the am and to the dentist for a cleaning, all good. To the post office to drop off a package. To the gas station to turn in lotto tickets, won $3. To Great Clip for a hairs cut. To the bank to order checks. Home to check on the boys that didn't have school today... for some unknown reason... To the Scout Store to get Scout awards. Finally to work. We had a customer in house today so meet with them for a bit and then working on a repricing exercise. Headed to D's game where he was playing in the outfield and then the catcher got hurt so he had to go in and catch :-o He did great and even got a hit tonight, his first of the season. After the game G&I swung by Scouts to drop off awards and deliver some camping gear a guy from work donated. Home and D&J picked out the merit badges they would take at summer camp.