20160424 - Rock Jumpers

20160424 - Up and D home from his friends. We all got ready and headed to church, good to see everyone. After church J came home with us so we are all back together. I headed into the office to get things done, L&G headed upstairs to put a Playmobile zoo together and D&J ran and got gas for the mowers. D home and in a tizzy because he now wants to go see DGF5 but has things to do... D ran down to the neighbors to mow, J mowed the front yard. D home and out to pick up DGF5, didn't return as expected... L cooked us some lunch and LJG&I ate on the back porch. D home with DGF5, introduced us, L out to eat with her friends. D took the rest of us up to the HS to see Brady and Conor playing lacrosse. Interesting sport and of course now G wants to play; told him I didn't care what sport he played, but he gets to choose only 1 a season... D ran DGF5 home, no return... Eventually D came back to the HS to get JG&I. He dropped us off along the street on his way to youth group. JG&I went to J Gumbo's for dinner, G way too picky... We then walked around Creekside a bit, the boys running around like crazy, J being a teenage jerk to G... Walked home and G gave J a shower of thistle down, LOL it was really funny. The boys tried to do chin ups, home to finish working at the desk. D stopped for a min, then to Creekside with the youth group to play hide and seek. L home from dinner, Little boys to bed, D late... All finally home and to bed. Up late getting things on the PC in the office.